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Art Therapy Meets Kintsugi

Art Therapy Meets Kintsugi, Internal Family Systems 
 Spiritual Evolution


The purpose of this art therapy directive is to honor the process of breaking and reconstruction using Kinstugi, a Japanese technique, along with Internal Family Systems, a theory of therapy. This process of mending and healing promotes your spiritual evolution.

Materials Needed

Ceramic Bowl (new or used about the size of a cereal bowl, NO GLASS)

Paint brushes (1 fine tip, 1 broad flat 1/2-1")
Acrylic Gesso (clear or white)
Mod Podge (Gloss or Matte, or Elmer's Glue with 20% water added)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks *CAUTION: hot glue gun and glue are burn potentials!
Collage Materials (words and pi
ctures, colored tissue paper, acrylic paints recommended for painting over dried hot glue, etc.)


Step 1 Paint bowl completely (inside and out) with gesso (white or clear)

Step 2 Place in a heavy plastic bag, use hammer to gently break bowl (usually one hit to a side will break the bowl in bigger chunks (save all the pieces to glue together)

Step 3 Use hot glue gun and hot glue sticks to re-create bowl, the bowl may be slightly skewed and glue may overlap.

Step 4 From Internal Family Systems, inside the bowl write out the 8 C's to set your intention for your core/soul (calm, clarity, creative, compassion, confidence, courageous, connectedness, curious).

Step 5 Ready to paint and/or collage. You're the artist! Choose any art materials or found materials you'd like to explore!

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